Collection: 🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 #123 - The Great American Eclipse - "Tav" 🅼🅵MAX

EVENT #123 THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE SERIES "TAV" - On 1st August 2017 #100 America had its 1st coast to coast eclipse for 100 years. An additionally rare Sunrise Eclipse and another exactly 7 years later painted a giant X near the New Madrid fault line.

The FIRST eclipse on 1.8.2017 began in the 33rd state, crossing 7 towns called Salem before ending at the 33rd parallel, it was 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign #106 of 23rd September.  Salem is another word for Jerusalem and also means "Peace".

The SECOND eclipse on 8th April 2024 (8.4.2024) passed over or near to 8 towns called "Nineveh", the first Nineveh the eclipse passes is next to Palestine, Texas, where the Space Shuttle Exploded #4 in 2003 during the last war in the Gaza Strip.  The TWO ECLIPSES made a Yahuamungus "X" over America, at its centre the towns of Rapture and Ark, and the New Madrid fault line.   

#100  Eclipse 1 and #123 Eclipse 3 draws across america separated by 42 months the "Tav" the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.  AND If you include the last annular eclipse of October 2023, 3 of 3 rare coast to coast American Eclipses, the Hebrew letter it forms is the "Alfef", the first letter of the  Hebrew Alphabet. The First and Last. Alpha and Omega.  

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