Collection: 🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 #115 - 111111 Coded Eclipse passes over World War 3 stand off - 31.1.2018 🅼🅵MAX

The last of the #113 epic 4 Supermoons in a row. The 3rd Supermoon #114 on 1.1.18 had highlighted the tip of the sword of the celestial constellation Orion. This 4th Supermoon on 31.1.18 was eclipsed. Over Bejing and directly over a huge military build up that threatened World War 3 the final phase of the eclipse began at 11:11 and 11; obviously a gesture to to the Armistice agreement made on 11.11 at 11 at the end of WW2.  This event is part of the CHINESE ECLIPSE SERIES.  


🅼🅸🆁🅰🅲🅻🅴 🅵🅰🅲🆃🅾🆁 MAX = God has undeniably spoken.

We are just getting started.