The Chinese Eclipse Series

Many people heard about this Super moon Trifecta because the 1st Super moon in the sequence on November 4th may also have  been a super moon, and so it was disputed by  experts to be an extremely rare Quadfecta, 4 super moons in a row.  A Super Moon is counted when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth and so will be the biggest in the sky.




"The 3rd in the sequence on 1.1.18 Super Moon highlighted the exact tip of the club of Orion,  otherwise remembered in mystery as  Gilgamesh, Hercules and the Conquering Christ – poised to smash the club into the head of the bull, the beast of the Earth and stamping on  Lepus, the enemy. At the time of Super Full Moon, the Moon was positioned in  Cancer on Grade 11 "38 (11:11) and the Sun was in Capricorn, on Grade 11" 38 (11:11)."



The 4th and last supermoon in the series of this 150 year lunar trifecta on 31.1.18 was a Super Blue Blood Eclipse, the Penumbral Eclipse phase of which finished at  11.11.11 pm in Bejing and across Asia, even above a huge military build that threatened world war 3 and still does as i write this in summer 2023.


The 11.11.11 encodement on the double Trifecta Super Blue Blood  Moon eclipse is an obvious nod towards the Armistice day of 11.11.11. This month, day and hour which has come to mark the end of war.


Witness that this impossible miracle chain, multiply coded with 111's and clear intelligent communication, calling us to  recognize armistice, took place during a huge military build, the last Eclipse passed directly over Hong Kong and Be-i-j-ing and directly above a massive naval stand off between the eastern and western world that would decide the fate of humanity.





Soon after the 111111 eclipse, and until this time of writing  the Red Giant Star at the Shoulder of Orion #116 began having pre-supernova spasms. Its Light dimming and brightening as though Orion has begun hitting Taurus repeatedly with his club somewhat animating this ancient sky map.




This Series includes #113, #114 and #115, the extended series included #116 and also #113.1, #113.2 and #113.3 for anyone who wants to collect the #113 Supermoons. 

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