Collection: 🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 #82 - Repeating 111 Skull Faced Asteroid discovered on - 10.10.2015 🅼🅵MAX

EVENT #82 SKULL FACED ASTEROID DISCOVERED ON 10.10.2015 then near missed the Earth on Halloween, 31st October 2015, in Central Standard time passing China on 1.11 at 1.01 pm.  Spooky returned #117 on 11.11.2018 for another pass on the sa e day the mysteriousMayotte vibration rung the world like a bell. The space rock with a skull face takes 1112 days to orbit the sun. Its next 'close' approach is 1.11.2088 when it will be a similar distance to the pass of 11.11.2018. 


In an unrelated incident we nearly got hit again by a small asteroid on Halloween 31.10.2019


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