Collection: Commemorative Dogtags for Armistice Day 11.11 and 11 Launch

These Dogtags were produced from 2 of the miracles coded with 111111. 

1 - the first #79 which began at 1.11 in the UK and lasted for 111 minutes; and

2 - The 2nd which passed over Hong Kong and Bejing China at 11.11, its penumbral phase ending at 11.11 and 11 seconds and over a huge military stand off between the east and western world. 

I have press launched the first in the USA and select others, and the second in China for publication on 11.11 in remembrance that the Freedoms we have now were given to us not just by God but by those who shed blood to give us them. 

In Europe people wear the red poppy flower on their breast on 11.11 to remember the fallen and those who remain, traditionally it represents the poppy fields of France.

These Dogtags celebrate the End of War through the revelation of Gods direction through miracles. 

We are just getting started.