Collection: 🅴🆅🅴🅽🆃 #4 - Space Ship Struck by Lightning? Explodes over Palestine - 1.2.2003 🅼🅵9

On 1.2.2003 a multitude of wars had been triggered and as another ground war had begun in Gaza, Palestine in the Middle East, was the US Space Shuttle Columbia struck by lightning? moments before it exploded and rained down over Palestine, a small village in Texas.




There was a high profile debate that never really concluded over whether the Space Ship was Struck by Upper Atmospheric Mega Lightning which which had stemmed from a series of hard to find photographs apparently showing lightning arcing down and striking the spaceship, one picture shows debris from impact on extreme close up.  


The official conclusion on the lightning was that it was created by the photographer pushing the button on the camera, can it be so simple that it just happened by coincidence to line up with debris coming off the shuttle and so it looked like this apparent lightening causing damage to the space ship.  Not everyone at Nasa agrees with this story


 This article has both sides of the argument.  Nasa denies that the Space shuttle was blown up by Lightning revealing that a piece of the ship had fallen off on take off, maintaining a public position that there is no danger from upper atmospheric lightning to astronauts stating camera jiggle had created the artefact.  



The picture below is created from a painted recreation of the photograph with the Palestinian flag superimposed.  I didn't draw the screaming face with the teeth. You can find it yourself. It is there in
the spectrums of light of the photograph released on which they put focus, of the apparent lightening strike hitting the Space Ship which then exploded.  


In an unconnected incident in this 10.11.2022 story a piece of the Space Shuttle Challenger is discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean by divers since in 1986 it broke up on take off.  There is a special place for Astronauts.  God loves them because Space is a place we should all get along. 


🅼🅸🆁🅰🅲🅻🅴 🅵🅰🅲🆃🅾🆁 : 9 = Certainly a Galactic Event with information encoded. **


** I thought long and hard to include this event as i want only to record the top events.  But I feel its too relevant to leave out especially with now that is happening. Possibly its technological, its definitely an event of interest. I feel. So I gave it a 9 on account that I don't think it is a lightning strike but on account of its location highly relevant. 


God does clearly shoot things with lightning sometimes.  But I'm around 90 sure this isnt one of them. It's interesting also as upper atmospheric lightening was what the Astronauts were studying on their mission so there is this realm over possibility that makes me wonder. 

We are just getting started.