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#123 Tea & Miracles 15oz Mug, Great American Eclipse "Tav" / No Text, Choose from 5 colours

#123 Tea & Miracles 15oz Mug, Great American Eclipse "Tav" / No Text, Choose from 5 colours

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EVENT #123 THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE SERIES "TAV"- Is a series of 3 Eclipses completed on 8th April 2024 (8.4.2024). The USA had its 3rd rare coast to coast eclipse in a short span of years.  This Eclipse and another exactly 7 years later painted a giant X near the New Madrid fault line, the paleo hebrew letter for Tav. The 3 eclipses together had drawn the letter for Aleph. Aleph Tav, The Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last. The Beginning and the End which were referenced in the bible to Yeshua. 


#100 The FIRST eclipse on 1.8.2017 began in the 33rd state before ending at the 33rd parallel, crossing 7 towns called "Salem" and is another name for Jerusalem. The Eclipse was 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign #106 of 23rd September.  Salem is another word for Jerusalem and also means "Peace"


#123 The THIRD eclipse on 8th April 2024 (8.4.2024) passed over or near to 8 towns called "Nineveh", the first Nineveh the eclipse passes is next to Palestine, Texas, where the Space Shuttle Exploded #4 in 2003 during the last war in the Gaza Strip.  The TWO ECLIPSES made a Yahuamungus "X" over America, at its centre, in the totality of both eclipses the towns of Rapture and Ark, and the 111 Foot High "Bald Knob Cross of Peace". 

Together with #XXX the SECOND eclipse on October 2023,  The Eclipses formed, the Hebrew letter
"Aleph", the first letter of the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet.  Aleph Tav is the First and Last. Alpha and Omega.  Are you ready for this.  All three of the Eclipse Intersections were on major US fault lines. 


BLESS EVERYTHING with your TEA AND MIRACLES collection.  There are many to collect each cup is embedded with pictures of REAL MIRACLES For those big gulpers amongst us, these two-tone 15 oz coffee mugs will bless you more with every gulp. Start the day with God and in reflection of the presence. Available with or without Event Text, your collection will be a talking point amongst friends and is perfect for gifts.  The interior and handle of this 15oz Mug Set is available in 5 colours so you can have fun designing your collection. 
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